New look for the site
Well, If you are familiar with the way this website has looked for the last 4 years, you will now see that many things has
changed. For starters, there is a brand new navigation bar at the top of most pages to better help you around the site
and at the same time, keeping out of your way! Another change is in the main page. Now the main page features sub
websites and featured albums, video's and bands. I started out with featuring Slayer Arrow and Nathan Seer, but soon
there will be more! Another thing changing is the audio tracks are slowly becoming consolidated into one long track for
each album. So instead of having to click on each track of these virtual Cd's (forcing you to leave the entire page to
listen) you can now sit back and listen from front to back while staying on the same page. You can skip around on the
track if you like or just listen to the whole thing. And another change is the was TJSP displays videos. Before all TJSP
videos were uploaded to Youtube and the video page here was merely a link page to those Youtube videos. Now I am
uploading the videos here without having to worry about Youtube diminishing the quality of the video, or deleting the
background music. The video link page is still here, but now you have the choice to view it there, or to view it as I
intended the videos to look and sound without any worry of them getting censored in any way. Also, I thought I would
have a bit of fun with the video page and make it into a virtual theater. So now, instead of clicking on a video page, you
now get to enter the TJS Theater (soon to be filled with all kinds of funny little links you can enter)! If you scroll to the
right you might find other rooms, other buildings, cellars (if you scroll down) and whatnots! So I hope you enjoy these
new fun changes, I enjoyed creating them, and I have only scratched the surface so far!
4-17-2012 New Changes Coming Soon!
Soon TJS Productions will be having a new look as to the way the audio groups will be displayed. The new look will take
on the appearance of each group (for example: Slayer Arrow) will have it's own sub website with it's own photo sections,
video sections, background images, and of course audio albums.
Also, many of the videos will now actually be on this site rather than simply linking to Youtube. The Youtube videos will
still be there, but since Youtube lesson's the quality of older posts, I wanted you to be able to enjoy these videos without
watching some low rez image of them.
Another change to this site will be how the audio files are played. Currently, if you were to select an audio album, next to
the cover are links to the individual tracks. When you click on that track, you are sent to a blank page with only the that
file displayed. I don't think it's a very fun way to listen to these recordings. I feel that the listener should still be able to
listen to the recording while reading looking at the album cover, or reading the credits. So now, in the same way that I
have made the Nathan Seer pages, I will be giving the option to listen to the entire CD while remaining on the same
page. But in doing this, there will not be individual tracks: instead it will be one big track. Some albums will give the
option to listen to individual tracks if you want, while other albums wont. Basically, this is simply because, the they
already had the option, where as the later albums such as Nathan Seer, never had those options in the first place. That
was mainly a result of all the cross fades that those albums had. They weren't made to be listened to one track at a time.
This will be a very slow and ongoing project, but I think in the end, it should make for a much more fun site.
2-12-12 Done For Awhile
Well After tons and tons of work, I have decided to finally take a break from this site. I have uploaded hundreds of files
and photos. I hope you enjoy the site now as I am proud to say that it is over 90 percent uploaded. Now I can rest for
awhile! To all my listeners out there, take care and feel free to write me!
1-19-2012 TERRY BARNES
Well, a few days ago I received some bad news (and how ironic it is that I was told about it during all this SLAYER
ARROW uploading). The bad news is Terry Barnes, the drummer of SLAYER ARROW passed away a few months ago
of lung cancer. All this time I had no idea he was even sick. He and his wife never told us. We hadn't spoken in over ten
years but I aways considered Terry like a brother. Anyway he will be missed.
1-15-2012 SLAYER ARROW!
Well, as promised, Slayer Arrow is now here! Look for more to be uploaded later this week!
I am very excited to be able to bring you Slayer Arrow's New Year's Jam finally in its original form! I have two recordings
of this show: one being the original recording which has the highest quality, and the other being a copy. Well over the
years the original recording got a bit beat up, so in Sound Studio, I patched the original recording with the copy where
ever the tape needed it! I was much more successful this time with cutting out the "Helms Deep dude" and the ever so
annoying and mentally challenged "Shawn Kessler - who couldn't stop acting like a total retard.  But other than those
few modifications, I will be releasing Slayer Arrow's New Year's Jam in it's original state - right here on TJS Productions!
Also, I will be releasing this CD as only two tracks: Part 1 and Part 2. I feel that this special night shouldn't be interrupted
by changing track after track. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check out this kick ass awesome show! I will upload it
with in a few days.
01-05-2012 SLAYER ARROW
Well, this is the week that I'm working on the long awaited SLAYER ARROW recordings from the 1980's. SLAYER
ARROW was the first true basement band I joined that actually played out all over the St. Louis area. Consisting of Eric
Gitlin on guitar, Terry Barnes on drums, Steve Gitlin and Glen Goebel on vocals, SLAYER ARROW was an awesome
powerhouse just perfect for my craziness! I felt totally honored to join them and learned so much from Eric and Terry
instrumentally. I hope you give them a listening to.
Also I will be looking into getting a new counter for this website. Since it opened, I have had well over 100 thousand hits
by now, but the counter has always been screwy! I talked to Yahoo Sitebuilder and they simply told me that they can't
get the counter fixed. I know that there are outside "free counter" sites out there, and will be looking into it.

12-28-2011 New Changes
You may have noticed that TJS-P has been going through a few changes lately. For starters, all of the audio pages
have been updated to a wider format. More pictures have been added to many of the albums, and have been resized to
one consistent size. As of today, all of the TJS-P album covers have been uploaded to the
All Audio section. Most of
these audio tracks haven't been uploaded yet as this takes quite awhile to do. Also, I will be uploading everything to and soon you will have the option of listening to any track on this site or on Reverbnation. I am doing
this because it is so much easier to download from that site. Also it's just good to have the tracks backed up some place
else just in case something ever happens to this site.
The buttons bar has been added to more pages, and the counter has been changed (although I still can't get it to
display the actual number of visits yet).
Anyway to make a long story short, I am back working on this site on a regular basis. Let me know by contacting me if
you have any suggestions.