TJS Studios uses Pro-Tools LE on the Mac G$ Tower
with a 24 virtual channel mixer. Other software used:
Sound Edit Pro, and Garageband.
Digitec, Peavey, Boss, Aleasis hardward for effects,
Marshall, and Peavy amps, and Roland V-drums if
needed. Also included (if needed) are Jackson,
Charvelle, and Fender guitars.
Catherine's Window by Crestline
Rain Ain't Commin' But The Sun Don't
Shine by Nathan Seer
The Little Martian by Nathan Seer
Expression by Nathan Seer
Remember by Crestline
No Turning Back by Crestline
Folk Rock
Soft Rock
Industrial Rock
Expression by Nathan Seer
Mucas Membrane Mountain man
by Nathan Seer
South River Road by Nathan Seer
Funny Rock